Desserts of India 🇮🇳! 1: Carrot Halwa with toasted cashews, cinnamon whipped cream, and candied carrot garnish. 2: Sandesh made with fresh!! paneer
Italian pastry... is there anything better? 🇮🇹 Today we made • spuma di cioccolato • pine nut tarts • caffe forchetta • chocolate hazelnut biscottis
A Bünder Nusstorte from today! This is a honey walnut torte from Switzerland and looook at that structure! I always get excited when I make a pie-like pastry that I can pick up without it falling apart. 🍯 🌰
🍋 citron lavande gateau 🌸 Lemon sponge layered with lemon curd and honey lavender whipped cream icing. So light and luscious!
A unicorn rainbow confetti cake with strawberry Swiss buttercream is the only way to celebrate turning 6 in a pandemic! Happy birthday Tegan!
Day 1 of final exams this week and look. at. these 😍 •milk chocolate ganache truffles infused with earl grey tea and coated in tempered dark chocolate•
bread is my favorite color 🥖🥯 I’ve loved getting into breads of all kinds this week! Here we have white cheddar and everything bagels, rosemary sea salt focaccia, and grissini (Italian breadsticks)!
Would you believe these bakes are gluten free?? I haven’t done much GF baking before, but @kingarthurbaking ‘s GF flour blend made these a breeze. I love using different flours and seeing how they change a dough, and I think I’ll be even more adventurous with gluten-less recipes now!
Chocolate week photo dump! This was definitely the most humbling week of pastry school so far, but I pushed through and learned a lot!
Pretty baby gender reveal cake from this weekend! Lemon chiffon cake with cream cheese frosting and fresh blueberries. 💙💕
Confections from this week! Vanilla rose lollipops, rose pistachio Turkish Delight, salted whiskey caramels and more!
Love this yellow beauty I made for a small wedding today! This is a lemon chiffon sponge with lemon and vanilla Swiss buttercream layered with lemon curd. So bright and cheery for a windy winter day 💛
Completed my second course of pastry school today! This was my final cake. This is a chiffon sponge with Italian buttercream, fondant, gumpaste and marzipan roses. I also did a little watercolor design with gel food coloring mixed with a few drops of vodka. This course on patisserie has been a lot of fun because I’ve gotten to stretch my artistic skills!
Made a wedding cake in class today! This is covered in Swiss buttercream with royal icing piped on the bottom tier and brushed embroidery on the top tier. Now to find someone to help me eat all this cake! 🍰
We got to use marzipan today so I made some tiny art! Pretty proud of these fruits. The gnome was so fun too! Marzipan is an almond candy dough that has a distinct almond flavor and a similar texture fondant. Love using new things and getting creative with food and color! . . . . . .
Made a fondant covered winter hat cake today!
Alright who wants cake?? Today we made a classic German chocolate cake with coconut & pecan frosting AND a devil’s food cake with salted ganache mousse and dark chocolate glacage!
•passionata • Had a midterm project today and I’m happy with it! This is a coconut meringue base with passion fruit Bavarian cream, vanilla poached pineapple in the center. Finished with toasted coconut on the sides and topped with a passion fruit mirror glaze!🍍🌴
Thanksgiving Day dessert for the
Farm to Table day! We got some freedom with our dessert production today but had to incorporate beets, pecans, goat cheese, lemon, and thyme. SO here’s my shot at it. All three plates have a lemon thyme tart shell, lemon curd gelee, honey goat cheese mousse, pecan lace shards, pickled beet cubes and a raspberry beet coulis! Had a lot of fun getting creative with my plating designs too!
Frozen dessert day! Here we have a lemon soufflé glacé with raspberry dollop •and• white chocolate parfait with whiskey and vanilla infused peaches. They are good and refreshing even on this cold day!
Friday project: Entremet! This baby took two days to make/assemble. From bottom to top we have a coconut meringue base, a dark chocolate satin mousse, a raspberry gelee insert, and white chocolate coconut lime mousse all covered in a pink mirror glaze! Macrons, tuille cookies, and white royal icing decorate the top. That’s a lot packed into a 6 inch dessert, but it was so fun to make!
First time making and Opera Cake was pretty successful!! So much attention to detail to make this as close to perfection as I could, but it was well worth it! 🎶🍰
Tiramisu for two? It was so fun to make this dessert from scratch for the first time yesterday in class. Funfact: tiramisu means “pick me up” !
Had my practical final exam today and am DONE with my first course of pastry school! I’m exhausted and covered in chocolate ganache and someone please come eat this stuff because all I want is a salad rn 🙃
✨éclair bébés ✨
Pavlovas today! French meringue, chocolate mousse and fresh fruit are stacked up to create this dessert.
Tarts from today! 1: Fruit tarts with pate sucre, vanilla cream and 🍊🍓 & raspberry with a mint leaf garnish 2: Caramelized 🍎 tart (very similar to a Tarte Tatin). This will be replacing apple pie on my Thanksgiving menu this year! It is THAT good!
Lil’ throwback to the smash cake I made for my nephew’s 1st birthday a few months ago! I made a vegan banana cake with vegan cream cheese frosting. In order to get a well risen and moist bake, this recipe uses baking soda, baking powder, apple cider vinegar and bananas in place of eggs!
It’s pie week. Today I made chocolate cream pie with creme patisserie (also known as pastry cream) which is one of my all time favorite things to eat! 🥧🧈